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Over time, concrete has attained a bad reputation for looking unappealing and grey, but wait a minute, if you had a look at the wide range of concrete patio and stoop solutions and designs, we at Davenport Constructions had to offer, you would surely change your mind. As a matter of fact, concrete is the perfect material for upscale patio constructions. If you are looking for more room to entertain guests, or enjoy lazy days and cosy evenings, you may want to consider installing a concrete patio which gives you more space to enjoy without eating into your carpet space at home. Concrete Patios and stoops are classy, stylish, durable, affordable and surprisingly eco-friendly and add a unified look to your property.

We build concrete patios that are stylish and stamped, stencilled, or engraved; faux wood, brick, or stone look; with stunning aggregates like colourful crushed glass. Concrete Patios are easy to maintain and don’t harbour any mold, insect, pests, or weed growth. Just apply a coat of sealant every other year to maintain its good looks long term. Concrete patios and stoops do not rot warp, or sink, and are completely fireproof. They are really quick to install and need only a few hours for your concrete patio to be poured. After a day or two, it is absolutely okay to walk and start using your patio. Concrete stoops too, are sturdy and stylish and come with the same benefits a concrete patio does.

Concrete patios and stoops built by us are sturdy with designs that come in many shapes and a range of fun filled features to suit a variety of taste of our discerning clientele. Call us to build you a spanking new patio or a concrete stoop that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. We will give you a superior finish and durable structure that is as dependable as the name we carry.

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