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Concrete roads, pavements and driveways are known for their strength, durability and safety. They have been known to suffer from lesser wear and tear hazards such as rutting, cracking, stripping, loss of texture, and potholes that can occur with other accommodating and flexible pavement surfaces. They are by and large, absolutely low in maintenance which is a huge advantage of concrete pavements. If you are looking for a tough surface that is available in a range of colours, styles and finishes, you may want to opt for Concrete Paving your surface. Davenport Constructions’ premium range of quality concrete pavers is suitable for most home projects including driveways, pathways, patios and alfresco not overlooking almost any commercial premise.

All kinds of concrete paving, from the simplest garden path to an intimidating 14 lane superhighway consist of a number of different layers. It is the materials used for each layer, and the way each layer is prepared and constructed that gives strength and stability to the concrete paving. With Davenport Constructions, that is the farthest of your concern as our team of industry experts only use premium quality material for each concrete paving job.

Often used for pavements, patios, driveways, car parks, roads and highways, Concrete pavements are preferred for being highly versatile yet reasonably priced to suit your budget. To put it simply, they are a straightforward, reliable and effective pavement solution. You can get the standard units which operate efficiently, or you can take your pick, though at a premium, from a wide range of textured and attractive units in various sizes and colours that adds that extra panache to your surface. These include polished surface, coarse textured and exposed aggregate with superior colour and finish. Call us with your requirement and we will set you up with the perfect unit that fits both your taste and pocket.

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