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Is your yard or property, facing issues with controlling damp? In that case you should probably install a French Drain as a solution to help control damp. French Drains’ primary function is redirecting subsoil and surface water away from your property, with the help of gravity. They are often installed near the building edge, mostly externally but in some unique cases internally. Damp within the body of an external wall, often appearing as increasing damp, can lead to damp and damaged plaster, stonework or brickwork and rotten wood. This is what necessitates the instalment of a French Drain, a type of land drainage, comprising of a perforated pipe within a back-filled shingle trench, around 600mm wide. This is generally 100-150mm diameter, and installed at a 1:80-1:200 fall (slope).

Davenport Constructions understands that you will need expert advice when it comes to French drain design for your home and has its team of engineering consultants and engineers ready to take on the task, giving you technical finesse and aesthetically appealing designs for your French Drains. Experience is critical here because it is important that you avoid any cabling, pipes and other installations when fitting a French drain. Beware that this can also cause structural damage if you’re not careful, particularly if you live in an old building with shallow foundations. Installing French Drains calls for skilful design and approval, to avoid being liable for legal action, or invalidate your building insurance policy for flood damage. But when you call us, these are the least of your worries. When we install your French drain, we ensure that they are also a part of a complete waterproofing system.

So remember, if you need to get a French drain installed in Kansas we can help. Our drainage engineers and specialists can provide drainage solutions for your specific needs.

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