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It is common knowledge that cracks in asphalt surfaces allow water to penetrate the surface, softening the stone base and leading to conditions like alligator cracking, spider webbing, pot holes and other forms deteriorations. If these cracks are neglected they soon allow rainwater and moisture to seep in or flow through your pavement or driveway, eroding the base materials used. This inadvertently leads to potholes, and ultimately in premature failure. In many cases, cracks left over during winter can get bigger rapidly due to snow plowing and the unavoidable freeze/thaw cycle. During summer when it is warm and sunny, oxidation and humidity have a similar effect. Beware that simply patching often doesn’t last and in effect leads your costs to scale much higher than what timely crack-sealing costs. You would not want the useful life of the surface to be shortened, forcing the premature and costly replacement of the surface in the future.

Rubberized crack sealers have earned the reputation of filling cracks and sealing your asphalt surfaces against water and ice deterioration. Davenport Constructions’ Hot Rubber crack filling solutions is what you are looking for as it is widely known and accepted for having the lowest failure rate amongst the techniques used to repair cracks. That’s why we advocate it at Davenport Constructions. Our hot rubber crack fillers helps prevent any kind of deterioration your concrete or asphalt surfaces may be subjected to yielding long-term financial savings.

Our team conducts a thorough routing of the cracks prior to sealing, thus providing a clean, uniform base for the crack sealant to seat correctly while administering the proper amount of filler to every crack for maximum bonding to the sidewall of the crack. We guarantee that cracks repaired with hot rubber filling are projected to last three to five years and urge you to rush your queries to us to ensure that you enjoy beautiful looking and long lasting surfaces.

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