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Seal coating, or pavement sealing, is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements to provide a layer of protection from the elements like water, oils, and U.V. damage. All concrete flooring systems that are factory produced or laid in-situ also need to be protected against oil, dirt, grease, moss and weeds. Thus it is advisable to get your surfaces seal coated to ensure their durability and longevity. Besides attending to constructing asphalt surfaces or repairing them, we are proficient in seal coating all kinds’ surfaces whether they are block paving, Indian stone, natural stone, tarmac, concrete paving or imprinted concrete. All kinds of driveways and patio surfaces benefit from our surface sealers. We strongly advocate seal coating because; Block Paving Sealer and Concrete Sealers have many uses. They reduce the wear of the asphalt or concrete, prevent water access or entry into the surface, protect that there is no loss of the colour or sheen on the surface of imprinted concrete and they arrest the growth of algae and weeds in the joints of block paving or patio slabs. Davenport Construction sealers protect wet concrete and block paving against frost thus stopping eventual surface flaking of the concrete. Our Block paving, Imprinted Concrete & Patio sealers also stop contamination from leaking car fuel, diesel oil & engine oil, preventing your surfaces from staining. Of course, our sealers also have the added benefit of making the surface anti-slip making it safe for you, the kids or senior citizens. Davenport Construction seal-coating solutions use sealers that are high solids, penetrating, and pure acrylic resins in a neat solvent carrier. Applied as a one coat application, they will:

  • Protect your block paving from oil & grease
  • Lock the sand into the joints
  • Resist further weed growth
  • They will not affect the wet slip resistance of your Driveway or Patio
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